Forget Inner Thigh Clearance, How About Inner Booty Clearance!

Oct 4, 2016 at 1:54 pm |

These girls have a little bit of space between those cheeks

Booties are the most popular feature for women right; they’re really having a moment. The argument here about their importance on the female body is that they can really come into use when you’re getting down to it. You know what I mean. We appreciate all kinds of rumps here, and we love to showcase them regularly. And here’s our newest obsession. We’re loving these girls who have worked out just so much that they’re cheeks are actually separated. Once you see it, you’ll be entranced too. Enjoy these luscious ladies.

Body with butt dimples

Source: Instagram @arminhamer9941

Butts are big right now, literally, and these girls are so well-toned that they’ve got a little bit of space between the cheeks.

These booties are like gorgeous works of art