Geeky Characters That Are Actually Sexpots

May 2, 2016 at 6:44 pm |

Uh, where's the ugly?

You ever watch movies TV shows where the “ugly” or “dorky” girl isn’t so… ugly? Think Rachel Leigh Cook in She’s All That or Amanda Seyfried in Jennifer’s Body. I mean, come on. Are they really that much of a mess? Take away their glasses, dorky clothes, and clumsy antics and what do you get? A hot girl.

Let’s just say that Hollywood’s version of geeky characters are far from what we’ve experienced in high school. While they get a C for effort, we can attest that these “geeks” are not just sexy out of character, but in-character as well.

Geeky Characters That Are Actually Sexpots

Source: Photofest

They actually look hot on both sides!

Here are some examples of actresses who have tried to play the "geeky" card, but just couldn't hold back their sexy...