Girl Pretends to Be a Guy, Blindfolds ‘Her’ Lover and Pretends She Has A…

Oct 13, 2016 at 1:14 pm |

Could she really not know it was a fake one?

When friends turn into lovers, emotions can still run high. Add some sexual confusion into the mix, and things can get really difficult to handle between the two of them. Gayle Newland didn’t know what her preference was at the time, but she did know that she wanted to get down and dirty with her friend. That friend loved being intimate with Gayle, but things turned terrible when Gayle went to jail for their relationship.

Couple Kissing

Image : Instagram @teagan__wells

Gayle Newland really loved her friend, but, somehow, her friend didn’t even know that Gayle was a woman. Not even when they did the deed.

Thousands of people believe that she's innocent of a crime