Girl Tags Her Own Dad on Livestream Love-Making

Sep 12, 2016 at 5:28 pm |

Nice going, kids

Yes, sex tapes made a few already rich and semi-famous people get even more rich and famous, but that does not mean normal people can achieve that. People like to watch the beautiful people getting naughty, not so much the regular people unless they’re incredibly talented porn stars. This particular young couple probably didn’t think too far ahead when they whipped out the laptop, threw off their clothes and started going at it. The shocking part is that they tagged her own father in the live streaming video. They may be famous now, but they’re not getting anything but a huge punishment for this one.

girl streams sex on facebook

Source: Twitter @SmackDatBooty69

These two lovebirds thought that it would be a great idea not only to stream their love-making, but to make her dad watch it.

What exactly was she thinking?!