Girls Get Aroused in Public… For Charity of Course!

Aug 26, 2016 at 3:42 pm |

Guys, take note

You aren’t cool if you haven’t heard of the Sybian. It’s okay, I haven’t either. Apparently it’s vibrating saddle used for, well, you know what vibrating things are typically used for. These three guys from the YouTube channel Simple Pickup have found a simple way to pickup chicks and that is offering them a ride on a Sybian in public. JK JK JK. They ask strangers to ride this Sybian in order to help prevent female circumcision. For every one second a woman can stand sitting on the device, they’ll donate $5 to their cause. It’s win win!

woman in bikini riding sybian

Source: YouTube @Simple Pickup

Wait. Is this a sexy scam?!

Watch what happens!