He Put His Wedding Ring on His Willy… Now It’s Cutting off Circulation & It Looks Like It Hurts!

Nov 16, 2016 at 6:39 pm |

Warning: You may squirm

A man’s “member” is the most sensitive part of his body. Guys, what would you do if you got your dong stuck in a small opening? You would probably scream like a little wimp, right? No worries, I won’t judge you. Because that’s probably the exact thing this guy did. He got himself stuck inside of his wedding ring. Yeah, his wedding ring. You probably can’t even begin to understand what his thing was doing inside of a wedding ring, or better yet, how it was able to fit in the first place. Well, I have the full, crazy story for you.

sewn up wounded banana

Credit: Marcel A. Mayer/Shutterstock

Yes, his wedding ring.

Here's what happened