Guys Reveal What it Feels Like Inside of a Woman’s V

Oct 13, 2016 at 5:41 pm |

"Warm, moist, and soft."

Okay, don’t judge me, but there have been more times than a few that I’ve wondered what it feels like to be inside of a woman. Ladies, don’t act like you haven’t thought of this! I mean, come on. If it weren’t for your fingers, you’d probably never know. And I’m not a fan of that so I definitely don’t know.

But using your fingers isn’t the same as having a man’s member inside of you. I’ve always wondered what it is that make men go crazy when they’re inside. Does it really feel like warm apple pie? I wanna know! Thankfully, an editor at Your Tango made my wishes come true when she asked random men, “What does it feel like to have your penis inside of a woman’s vagina?” One said it feels “like getting massaged in a skin-tight hot tub,” so you already know that these answers are about to get super interesting.

Woman holding heart in front of her vagina

Credit: alexkich/Shutterstock

From funny answers to scientific ones, these guys’ responses get pretty interesting.

From funny answers to scientific ones, here's what the guys had to say