He Left His Wife for a Younger Woman… But He Didn’t Expect THIS!

Jun 13, 2016 at 2:27 pm |

She got the best of her ex-husband.

Marriage is never easy, but dumping your spouse for a younger person is not the answer to your problems. When a woman’s marriage ends abruptly at the hands of a much younger lady, who we can assume was more in love with her beau’s massive fortune than anything else, she decides to leave them a little something that will test their new relationship. This wife decided to exact revenge in a creative, yet relatively harmless fashion. She didn’t get to keep her husband, but she got the house back.

Divorce Settlement

Credit: Bacho/Shutterstock

This woman’s tale of being jilted by her husband, then besting him is a little fishy.

She got her way after he let her go.