Hilarious Restaurant Orders From the Pickiest of Eaters

Jan 10, 2017 at 4:05 pm |


We all have that one friend that somehow was only introduced to mac and cheese as a child, and somehow never developed the taste buds for anything else. Planning any kind of food outing around them is a nightmare because while you don’t want them to starve, you also wish they would just swallow some damn broccoli once in a while and enjoy this restaurant. Waiting on one of these people is even worse and many waiters and waitresses have the lucky opportunity to encounter these people every day. Employees of restaurants got together to dish on the most hilarious orders they’ve ever heard.

Child, kid, baby (little girl) doesn't want to eat broccoli. Image ID:511664500 Copyright: Nikolai Moiseenko

Credit: Nikolai Moiseenko/Shutterstock

“A lady calls and orders a ‘small pepperoni pizza with no pepperoni.'”

They don't even make sense!