Hip Hop Industry: Then Verses Now

Nov 10, 2016 at 5:54 pm |

Political References in Hip Hop

I recently attended a G-Eazy concert. There was one song that had the crowd on their feet cheering. No, it wasn’t his hit, “Me Myself and I.” It was “F*ck Donald Trump.” The crowd went wild. Middle fingers in the air. G isn’t the only one in hip hop to feel this way. It’s actually a pretty common theme. Hip hop has become a political platform. It may sound annoying, but really, it’s encouraging. The biggest artists of this generation are provoking political discussion. Over these past year, hip hop artists are referencing politics more and more.

beyonce and jay z vote concert

Source: Instagram @beyonce

Rappers are bridging politics and hip hop.

Which rappers don't like Trump?