How Much Money Did Kendall Jenner Just Put Down on Her New Hollywood Hills Mansion?

Aug 8, 2016 at 6:11 pm |

She's got that money, money

Kendall Jenner is very young, and very, very rich. Not only was her family always well off, but she’s grown up in front of the camera since she was a tween, and she’s been making bank for years. Now that she’s coming into her own as a model, she’s doing very well for herself. She’s beginning to buy her own big ticket items, including a brand new home that 99% of the world’s population would never be able to afford. If she’s got the cash, she might as well buy whatever she wants, but is this mega-mansion for one just too much? And how much time will she even spend in it if she’s traveling all the time? Most importantly, how much did she pay for it?

kendall jenner

Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Kendall Jenner is just 20 years old, but she’s made the purchase of a lifetime.

Can you imagine living here?