Idiot Makes Suicide Vest out of Firecrackers and Immediately Regrets It

Dec 28, 2016 at 4:32 pm |

Spoiler alert: it was a bad idea

Hey, kids, guess what? Blowing up fireworks on your body is a terrible idea! You should know that by now, but it’s hard to tell considering some adults out there can’t figure it out. Don’t do what this man did because you’re going to get hurt. Zacharias Holmes thought that it “should be fun” to basically blow himself up, but he realized almost instantly that it wasn’t. Who knew?

guy with firecracker vest

Source: Youtube @Too Funny To Die

One man just wanted to entertain the world by lighting firecrackers on his body, but everyone is laughing at him after THIS happened…

I don't think that he thought this one through in the least.