Don’t Pick! Ingrown Hair Removed From Under a Scab

Feb 10, 2017 at 1:50 pm |

Warning! Nasty medical images!

Are you one of my fellow gross lovers? Sure, we all have different opinions of what constitutes as “gross.” For some, it’s when someone chews with their mouth open, or when hot people don’t clean out their ears and get ear boogers, or even if someone wears socks with sandals. Alright, I think all three of those things are really nasty. For whatever reason, pimple popping and ingrown hair gawking aren’t gross to me: They are magical. And I bet you’re the same.

So here’s a new one: Picking at a scab to get the infected ingrown hair underneath.

You’re welcome.

super close up of ingrown hair removed from scab

Source: YouTube @Dill Pickle

Warning! Nasty medical images!

That's dedication