Is Justin Bieber’s New Fashion Trend Over The Top? What Do You Think?

Jun 14, 2016 at 4:31 pm |

What are thooooose?!

Justin Bieber has been doing a lot of questionable things lately: Posing with a pacifier in his mouth, walking barefoot around the streets of Boston, getting facial tattoos, and more recently, getting into a street brawl. We’re not sure if it’s a cry for help or Bieber just being Bieber. Whatever it is, his fans aren’t judging him. Normally I wouldn’t either, but his latest stunt features a fashion faux pas that I just can’t get over.

Justin Bieber performing onstage

Credit: Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Beliebers can be very influenceable, but I’m hoping they aren’t persuaded to make this a new fad.

Beliebers can be very influential, but I'm hoping they aren't persuaded to make this a new fad.