Is This the Hottest Pole Dancer Ever?

Jul 11, 2016 at 1:13 pm |

You be the judge!

Pole dancing, the lambada and whatever Patrick Swayze did are the hottest dances ever. While The Swayz isn’t with us anymore, and the lambada seems to have gone out of fashion, pole dancing will always be an interest to men and women alike. More and more non-exotic dancers are getting into it as a great workout and maybe even to impress a gentleman or lady friend.

Karo Swen is a pole-dance instructor from France. Her sexy YouTube video has almost nine million views. While you might know a few girls at your local strip club who work the pole like a rockstar, they don’t have anything on this sexy acrobat, who combines exotic dancing with artful movement.

karo swen pole dancing from behind featured

Source: YouTube @Karo Swen

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