Is Tori Black the Most Beautiful Adult Star on Earth?

Sep 1, 2016 at 3:09 pm |

Loaded Mag thinks so, do you?

When Helen of Troy was abducted, her husband amassed an army of thousands to retrieve her. Helen had the face that launched a thousand ships; it burnt the topless tower of Ilium to the ground, for Zeus’s sake. The fight for Helen killed thousands upon thousands, and it took a decade of fighting before Odysseus thought of building a giant wooden horse to sneak into the walled city of Troy. But Tori Black might just be hotter.

Tori Black, for those of you not in the know, is a porn star that has a very different relationship to Trojans, yet kind of the same. She burst onto the scene in 2007, and from the jump was pretty much down to do whatever. 34B-27-38, the world was very, very ready for her. Since, she’s done more than 400 films, and Loaded magazine named her the porn star with the prettiest face.

We don’t know about Helen, but Tori’s face isn’t the only thing that’s going to launch a thousand ships. She has some serious ASSets and a sultry sexy vibe that will have you dreaming on her for days.

Check out these almost-suitable-for-work shots of Tori.

tori black devil

Source: Instagram @misstoriblack

Porn star Tori Black has been named the adult actress with the prettiest face. But check out what else she has to offer in these almost-suitable-for-work pics.

The face that launched MORE than a thousand guys' ships