Iskra Lawrence Slams Fat Shamers…These Are Her Hottest Pics Ever!

Apr 6, 2016 at 5:56 pm |

Iskra Lawrence Puts Her Haters to Shame!

Plus-sized model Iskra Lawrence is a thing of beauty. While we live in a society where people deem appearance as everything, she slams the proverbial door of doubt, every time she blesses us with a new picture. Well, someone thought it would be cool to poke fun at the bodacious model and call her fat. Lawrence took some recreational time to crush her haters with this scathing move. Her response left us speechless.

Iskra Lawrence at Glamour and Lane Bryant Collection

Credit: Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images

It’s official, Iskra Lawrence is the hottest woman to grace the planet.

See Her Iskra Lawrence Crushed Her Haters