Jenelle Joins the Fun, Disses Farrah on Snapchat

Jan 10, 2017 at 12:45 pm |

Right on time, the most satisfying 'Teen Mom' feud is up and running again!

With the end of Teen Mom OG’s season and the start of another run of Teen Mom 2, the bulk of the action has made the predictable shift from shade between co-stars to legal issues and baby daddy drama. Hey, we’re not complaining, but you can’t deny that it’s just not quite the same. Thankfully, Jenelle Evans is carrying the day and providing the cross-over Teen Mom-verse drama we’ve all be craving! That’s right. She’s reviving her years-old feud with Farrah Abraham.

Farrah and Jenelle Instagram joined

Source: Instagram @farrah__abraham; @j_evans1219

Jenelle’s little joke is sure to start some serious drama!

Just a joke? Probably. Sure to start some drama? Absolutely.