It’s Jayde’s 1st Birthday! Guess Who Maci Bookout Didn’t Invite?!

Sep 27, 2016 at 6:05 pm |

Ryan may be feeling left out of Maci's new life

Maci Bookout was getting ready to celebrate her second baby’s first birthday; baby Jayde was already turning one, and her parents were thrilled. And Maci was set to give birth to Maverick not long after that; it was such a happy time for them. But everyone kept telling Maci that she should be more inclusive with her ex-boyfriend Ryan. He’s the father of her first son who lives with her most of the time. But is it really necessary to invite your ex to a child’s party that isn’t even his?

maci bookout looking sad

Source: YouTube @The Doctors

Maci Bookout doesn’t feel the need to have much interaction with her ex, but Ryan wants to be included in her new life.

Will Ryan just show up like he said he do at her wedding?