Javi Marroquin’s New Girlfriend Gets Arrested

Jul 5, 2016 at 1:57 pm |

He's into bad girls...apparently.

Javi is coming back from deployment any day now, and he already has his entire summer planned out. Due to their hostile divorce, Javi isn’t exactly going to be welcomed back home with loving arms. Kailyn has already found a new lover (Becky Hayter), and seems to want very little to do with Javi. So where does Javi plan to stay this summer? After deployment he will be bunking with his rumored girlfriend and long-time friend, Peach Pietrobon. Unfortunately, Peach may not be the best influence on Javi post-divorce considering she just got arrested!

Javi Marroquin Instagram Selfie

Source: Instagram @javim9

Javi Marroquin has a new girlfriend, but she may not be the best influence. Peach Pietrobon was found to have a criminal record. Read about her arrest.

Find out what she was arrested for!