We Can Definitely See Why Jaden Smith Is Dating the Babe That Is Sarah Snyder

Nov 30, 2016 at 5:31 pm |

Hot Damn!

If you have followed the Smith family affairs over the past year, you probably are aware of Jaden’s controversial girlfriend Sarah Snyder. While Will and Jada’s son and daughter are no where near conforming in any sense of the word, Sarah takes her rebellion of society a little further than an outré fashion sense or expressing a fluid gender identity.

Some of Sarah’s actions might be a little contentious, but you can’t deny that she is a special type of sexy. We wanted to get to know this mysterious girl a little better and appreciate her unique beauty!

sarah snyder combined images

Source: Instagram @sarahfuckingsnyder

Dangerous and risque? What more could you want?

Get ready for A Lot of bikini pictures...