Jenelle Evans Gushes Over BF and Slams Mother On Twitter

Aug 5, 2016 at 12:38 pm |

Always at opposite ends of the spectrum.

If there’s one thing we can appreciate about Jenelle Evans, it’s her complete transparency in her relationships. If she doesn’t like you or doesn’t get along with you, she won’t sugar coat it. If you are close to her and get along well with her, she’s got your back.

While this transparency might bring a little more drama into her life, it’s true to Jenelle’s personality and part of the reason why we like her so much. This week, Jenelle tweeted about her boyfriend and mom, Babs, and, man, were the tweets vastly different.

Jenelle Wistful Face Reunion

Source: MTV

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Could the slam against her mother be related to custody issues?