Jeremy Calvert Dishes on Break Ups and Parenting In New Interview

Jan 24, 2017 at 12:25 pm |

Go on, Jeremy, tell us how you really feel...

With Teen Mom 2 currently airing, we’re getting to catch up with the girls again. But what about the people that we no longer see as much of on the show: the exes? Sure, we might see or hear from them every now and then, but once they check out of Teen Mom full time, it can feel like they’ve disappeared—or at least their side of the story has. Now, Jeremy Calvert, Leah Messer’s most recent ex-husband, is opening up and spilling it all off-screen in a new interview with The Ashley.

Jeremy Calvert Screencap

Credit: MTV

Suffice it to say, he is not holding back!

Want Jeremy's side of the story?