Jessica Nigri Is the Cosplay Girl of Your Wildest Fantasy

Nov 29, 2016 at 1:29 pm |

The hottest nerd EVER

The term “nerd” no longer has a negative connotation. People who once played D&D, read graphic novels, and worshipped sci-fi were relagated to the corner of the cafeteria and bullied. No more! Comic cons have been blowing up for the last few years as all types of people adore Daredevil and other shows and films based on geeky things.

Anime, comics, and video games are also embraced by girls. Really hot girls. Like social media star Jessica Nigri who has made a name for herself being a cosplay mistress. Enough talk! Let’s check out the marriage of T&A and nerdom!

two shots of cosplay girl jessica nigri

Source: Instagram @jessicanigri

The nerd girl of your dreams is right this way…

Your dream girl is here.