Jewish Girls Purim Outta Their Bikinis

Dec 30, 2016 at 10:32 am |

Challah back! Or not...

There are lots of weird stereotypes about Jews: they’re good with money, they control the media, jewish mothers love to nag. Okay, that last one might be universally true. But the wonders of Instagram have exposed us to a whole new, more diverse and nuanced, genre of smoldering hot Jewish ladies. Many of them are Israeli, and all of them of well endowed. So, for you viewing pleasure—and to excite the Hanukkah spirt in your pants—here are the sexiest jewesses of Instagram.

hot jewess

Source: Instagram @hotties.of.the.gram

And for the eight day of Hanukkah, I want-i-kah…

You're not going to want to passover these these hotties