Jill Duggar Claims She Wants Another Baby…But Is She Already Pregnant??

Jun 30, 2016 at 5:26 pm |

Is that a baby bump?

The famous Duggar family is getting into grandchild territory; three of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids are starting families of their own. And we can’t wait to be there for all of the births. Sisters Jill and Jessa were the focus of the spin-off show Counting On as they birthed each of their first children. But Jill decided to leave her home with her husband and newborn to spread her ministry to those less fortunate south of the U.S. But she may be heading back soon to birth her second child as this photo was released on the Duggar family blog. She was Jill is hiding next!

Jill Duggar Pregnant

Source: DuggarFamilyBlog.com

The Duggar Family blog has been updated with some surprising information about Jill and a possible little one on the way.

Could she be ready to have #2?