Josh Duggar May Not Appear on TLC Show ‘Counting On’ Refusing to Apologize for Sex Scandal

Jul 15, 2016 at 4:17 pm |

He's back from rehab, and you may see him soon.

Reports are circulating that the embattled reality star Josh Duggar has headed to his familial home after a stint in rehab for sex addiction, which got his family’s show 19 Kids & Counting canceled. His wife Anna and parents Jim Bob and Michelle are sticking by his side because it is their Christian duty. But how does the rest of the family, including his victims, feel about his not-so triumphant return? And will he make an appearance on his sisters’ spin-off show? Keep reading to learn more.

Josh Duggar

Source: YouTube @ABC News

He’s back from rehab for his sex problem, but will Josh dare to appear on television again?

Has he been rehabilitated?