Adult Industry Journalist Blows the X-Rated Industry’s Cover In New Tell-All

Jun 20, 2017 at 1:37 pm |

All the things you thought you knew and then a little more

If you’re like some people, you might be fascinated with the gritty details of the adult film industry. Perhaps you’re wondering about how the actors assume their roles, how they keep the party going, or even whether or not they’re really that uninhibited in real life. One X-rated journalist, who spent lots of time working with these skin flick stars, has revealed the naked truth in a new book; you won’t believe some of the things she unveils.

Lynsey G. writes tell all book

Source: YouTube @New York Daily News

Smut reporter Lynsey G. writes tell all book revealing the secrets of the porn industry.

See what dirt this reporter has on the adult film industry