Justin Bieber Picks Team Kimye

Aug 2, 2016 at 5:54 pm |

Anotha One

The month of July has been quite the whirlwind of highs and deep, deep lows for pop star Taylor Swift. She tried to maintain her innocence when Kanye’s “Famous” song came out by accusing Kanye of misogyny. As we’ve all known since elementary school, however, the truth will eventually come out. Kim decided she had enough of Taylor’s “good girl” mask and outed her to the world on Snapchat. In a series of snaps, Kim posted the conversation between Kanye and Taylor with the latter giving the “OK” to Kanye’s lyrics.

Since that fateful day, celebrities have been coming out of the woodworks picking which side they support, Team Kimye or Team Taylor. The latest celebrity? Justin Bieber.

Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber

Credit: Mike Coppola/Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Hoppin on the shade train…

See how he showed his shady side!