Kailyn Lowry Fights With Fans on Twitter About Her Relationship

Jan 19, 2017 at 11:12 am |

Will Kail ever have some peace of mind?

Kailyn Lowry of Teen Mom 2 is just so ready to move on with her life, but some of her fans and critics won’t leave her past alone. That’s always a downside of appearing on reality TV. We know that Javi is ready to go as he’s already been seen canoodling with multiple women. But so many people are still heaping blame on Kailyn because they feel that her failing relationship with Javi is her fault and negatively affecting her kids. Whose side are you on here?

kailyn lowry sad teen mom

Credit: MTV

It’s not easy moving on after a divorce, especially if young kids are in the mix, but does that mean that Kailyn should be insulted about it after all this time?

Can the breakup of a marriage really be one person's fault?