Kanye West Just Joined Instagram in the Most Kanye West Way Possible

Sep 19, 2016 at 1:36 pm |

Instagram, Meet Your New King

Kanye West is currently on tour promoting his album The Life of Pablo, and one thing’s for sure: he’s got a big ego.

It’s not exactly a secret. Half of Kanye’s songs are about how much Kanye loves Kanye! Kanye’s Twitter feed is a bastion of 140-character musings of ego-induced inspiration. If you’ve ever watched an interview with Kanye, you know this is a guy who learned the value of self-respect at a young age and never looked back. It’s probably just that mentality that’s allowed Kanye to gain such staggering success in all of his artistic endeavors.

But with all of the attention that Kanye’s loved to enjoy over his long career, one question has always remained a mystery to us: Why doesn’t Kanye West have an Instagram account? Instagram is arguably the most self-centered social sphere on the planet. Instagram is almost more Kanye than Kanye is Kanye. Hell, Kanye is married to the queen of Instagram herself.

And now, after surprisingly little ado, Kanye just casually joined Instagram. His first post is, as only Kanye West’s first post on Instagram could be, cryptic, artsy, and thought-provoking. We’re wondering if Kanye had this post planned a long time in advanced, based on his March tweets, hinting at a crossover into the photo-sharing platform.

Kanye West tweets about joining instagram in March 2016

Source: Twitter @kanyewest

If you’re not a little bit confused by his first post, then you must be a genius like Kanye.

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