Kehlani Hooks up With Nas This Past Weekend

Oct 19, 2016 at 2:54 pm |

Kehlani gets nasty with Nas

This past Sunday, October 16, 2016, Kehalani posted a pic of her looking extra foine in the club next to hip hop legend, Nas. In the post she wrote, “Last night this man looks over, daps me up, and says, “You’re TOO good.” I looked up cuz God is too good man…things I won’t forget…dreams to realities.” Kehlani recently joined Nas and Lauryn Hill on tour. Things are looking up for the Bay Area singer as her “Street Dreams” come true and Nas shows love.

kehlani trina

Source: Instagram @Kehlani

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Check out how things got steamy with the hot Bay Area singer and hip hop hero, Nas.