Kesha’s Billboard Music Awards Performance Approved by Dr. Luke’s Label

May 20, 2016 at 9:41 pm |

Only on one condition...

Good news Kesha fans! You’ll get to see the singer perform at this year’s Billboard Music Awards. The performance that was once canceled by her label due to past differences has now been approved. Earlier in the week, reports surfaced that Kesha’s Billboard performance got the last-minute axe when label officials caught wind that she’d publicly refer to the drama that’s been going on between her and the label. Kemosabe admitted to the reports while Kesha denied them. Click to read both Kesha and the label’s contradicting statements about her Billboard performance.

kesha american music awards 2013

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

She had to promise not to bash the label…

Kemosabe approved Kesha's performance, but only on one condition...