Kylie Jenner Dressed as Christina Aguilera Parties With Christina Aguilera

Dec 12, 2016 at 12:02 pm |

It's so much fun seeing Kylie in costume

We know that Kylie Jenner is Christina Aguilera’s biggest fan. Christina may not be as active in music as she used to be, but it seems like Kylie put her old tunes on repeat to get inspired for her “Dirty” Halloween costume. But she’s not done with Xtina just yet; Kylie busted out that old Halloween costume just in time for Christina’s big day, and they had a blast together in the best way possible.

Kylie Jenner in underwear sexy

Source: SnapChat @Kylizzlemynizzl

Just in time for Christina Aguilera’s birthday, Kylie Jenner gave the songstress the present that she’ll never forget. And she did it in Christina’s own outfit!

And Kylie had the best present ever for her idol.