Lea Michele Is Always Down to Take Her Clothes Off

Sep 26, 2016 at 3:40 pm |

She's got it, so she's flaunting it

Lea Michele was already going topless on stage at the age of 20, so we’re happy to see her going completely without clothing in the middle of a magazine at the age of 30. But she’s not the next Playboy Bunny, although it’s something we hope she’ll consider. Lea is completely comfortable in her own sexy skin, and she loves showing off almost every inch of it to anyone who wants to sneak a peek. We’ve got those peaks for you right here.

Lea Michele attend Family Equality Council’s Los Angeles Awards Dinner at Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles

Credit: Brian To/WENN.com

Actress and Broadway headliner Lea Michele has no problem taking it all off to appease her fans, who love every inch of her body.

Lea is looking amazing at the age of 30