Leah Messer Under Fire For Mommy Meltdown

Jan 4, 2017 at 4:00 pm |

Leah Messer's 7B debut was messy to say the least...

Before the new second half of Teen Mom 2’s seventh season even began airing, Leah Messer was already discussing how nervous she was for her life to be under the reality TV microscope again. It’s a fair concern for Messer, who has routinely drawn harsh criticism for her parenting on the show. Unfortunately for the mother-of-three, her fears were not entirely unfounded. We’re just one episode into 7B and she’s already under attack.

Leah Messer TM2 7B premiere

Credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 just had its winter premiere and Leah is already taking heat.

What are fans saying about Leah's meltdown?