Love Pizza? Not As Much As These Brazilians…

May 9, 2016 at 4:04 pm |

Pizza heaven or hell?

People will forever argue about the best pizza. Even in New York City, locals will argue who has the tastiest pie or slice. It seems like every city has it’s “Top Ten Pizza” lists that garner a lot of hate in the comments. But creativity in pizza’s seems relegated to pizza chains like Pizza Hut and Dominoes. They feel the need to have gimmicky eats to sell their pizza. Cheese stuffed crust? Bacon wrapped crust? Heck, I’d try it. But sexy Brazil has one upped the US in terms of pizza uniqueness – They will do anything and everything to their pizzas that I couldn’t even dream up.

brazil pizza 02

Credit: Imgur @lolfx

Pizza heaven or hell?

Some of these make me wanna gag...