Lucious Lips Will Never Go out of Style

Jul 29, 2016 at 6:32 pm |

The gift that keeps on giving

Miriam Webster dictionary defines DSL as “digital subscriber line, a technology for the high-speed transmission of digital information over standard telephone lines.” And what better shows that starting an article out with a definition is a complete farce.

We all know that thick, soft lips are sexy. You take one look at a girl with luscious kisser and can imagine kissing her for hours. And hours. You might even imagine something else. But don’t get pushy, that’s just messed up.

We’ve compiled some of the sexiest, most luscious lips of Instagram for you. You might even want to follow them. Just don’t let your girlfriend see…


Source: instagram

Some of the most juicy lipped bb’s on Instagram.

Check out these succulent lips