Maci Bookout’s Son, Bentley, Shares His Thoughts on Baby Maverick in Adorable Home Videos

Oct 6, 2016 at 4:17 pm |

Oh B(r)other!!!

On this week’s episode of Teen Mom, we saw how each of the girls celebrated their Mother’s Day earlier this year. Maci’s due date was fast approaching, and Teen Mom fans saw her make preparations for the birth. She debated who would take care of her oldest son Bentley while she and Taylor were at the hospital. Ultimately, Maci decided Bentley’s grandparents, not his father Ryan Edwards, would be most suitable to babysit.

Maci was eventually induced, and, not long after, the world met little baby Maverick!! It’s been five months for the little family to adjust; in a few home videos, Bentley expresses his feelings about his little brother!

maci bookout with taylor and bentley

Source: Instagram @macideshanebookout

The best big brother Maverick could have!!

This is a seriously adorable family!