This Unseen Maci Bookout Wedding Footage Will Melt Your Heart!

Nov 29, 2016 at 2:58 pm |

What a way to end Season 7!

Maci and Taylor finally tied the knot! Well, they technically got married in October, but it’s not real until we see it on Teen Mom, right? Fans got to see a good amount of the festivities on TMOG’s finale last night, but they didn’t see everything that cameras caught! Thankfully, the network released a little more footage from the Maci and Taylor’s nuptials in a bonus video on their website after the episode aired… And, let’s just say that this montage is super sweet and is certain to hit you right in the feels.

Maci and Taylor Bonus Vid Kiss Screencap

Credit: MTV

This wedding was beautiful and I’m feeling a lot of things.

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