Maci’s Ex Ryan Edwards Gets Kicked Out of Home: Here’s a List of All the Crappy Things He’s Done

Oct 7, 2016 at 7:03 am |

Ryan's gotta go

We met Maci and Ryan back in 2009 during the premiere of 16 and pregnant. We’ve watched them grow up during the Teen Mom spins offs. In the season premiere of Teen Mom OG we find out that Ryan’s parents have kicked him out of their house. His dad really seems to hate him and he makes it clear that this is a permanent end to their relationship. He says he never wants to see or be near his son again. When Jaala, an MTV producer tries to get some answers, his dad responds with vague reasons and says Ryan is a lazy and selfish liar. Hopefully in the premiere we will find out more about the blow up that led to this unexpected decision.

Maci and Ryan Teen Mom

Source : YouTube @mbofp

‘Teen Mom’ star Ryan Edwards gets kicked out of his parents house.

Ryan's parents have had enough