Man Attacked By Grizzly Bear TWICE And Lives

Oct 3, 2016 at 2:12 pm |

Man Survives Two Back To Back Bear Attacks

Montana knife maker, Todd Orr, was hiking near Ennis, Montana when he was attacked by a ferocious mother grizzly bear protecting her cubs. Apparently, there’s something called bear spray, and, as you might guess, it doesn’t work very well. After spraying the bear to no avail, likely making the bear feel more angry and threatened, Orr found himself lying face down on the ground with his arms over his neck. The bear clawed and bit him on his arms, shoulders and his head. Orr played dead and waited for the bear to leave. He was able to get up and walk safely back to his truck free of the bear. Nope, wait here comes the bear again for round 2. Abandoning the bear spray, Orr went back to the ground and remained as still as possible while the bear viciously attacked him again, aiming for his neck but getting at his arms, shoulders, head and backpack again.

Orr didn’t panic, and survived to tell about it. But just to be clear, if I were hiking in “bear country,” if someone said, “Here, take this bear spray incase you’re attacked by a bear,” I would laugh. If a 500 pound death beast was running at me, I’d better have something closer to a machine gun. I’m talking full Scarface mode like, “Joo want me to us bear spray? Are Joo crasy!? I’ll stick with MY LITTLE FRIEND! HOKAY!”

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“One bite on my forearm went through to the bone and I heard a crunch. My hand instantly went numb and wrist and fingers were limp and unusable,” he wrote this Sunday (with his other hand).

Look At How This Hiker Survives Two Back To Back Bear Attacks.