‘Sister Wives’ Mariah Brown Talks Sexuality & More In New Interview!

Jan 11, 2017 at 12:40 pm |

Mariah talks changed beliefs, causes, and "lifestyle!"

If you’ve been watching TLC’s Sister Wives over the past six years, Mariah Brown’s journey from ultra-religious, sheltered young girl to super-empowered feminist warrior was awesome to watch. Mariah rounded out her tale of self-discovery when she came out as gay in last week’s episode, shocking her family (and probably a lot of conservative viewers) of the wholesome, faith-focused show.

The emotional scene showed Mariah sitting down with her parents (her mother and father, and the three other “sister wives”) and explaining her journey of self-discovery to her family—who, in fairness, met her with almost nothing but support (I’m looking at you, Kody). Now, Mariah has opened up even more in a new tell-all interview with TLC!

Mariah Brown Coming Out

Credit: TLC

Mariah discusses her journey and what it was like to come out on national television!

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