Mark Salling Of ‘Glee’ Accused of Sexual Assault, Under Investigation

Oct 31, 2016 at 12:49 pm |

Mark is clearly a dangerous man

Here he goes again! Mark Salling, formerly of the show Glee, has been accused yet again of forcing himself on a woman. He’s already set to go to jail for collecting a huge amount of illicit videos and photos involving children. Men who crave power often victimize those they feel are already weak and powerless like women and children. Can Mark dodge this new charge, or will it add even more time to his lengthy prison stay?

Mark Salling

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Mark Salling has done some deplorable things. While he waits to go to jail for his other crimes, he’s now accused of assaulting his former girlfriend.

Some men just can't get enough of the power they feel from sexual deviancy