Matt Baier Ends Twitter Silence And Finally Addresses the Rumors

Sep 8, 2016 at 1:48 pm |

Should we give Matt another chance?

Teen Mom Amber Portwood has had a pretty rough road since her baby’s birth. She couldn’t handle marriage and child-rearing and landed in jail for abusing her husband on camera. But she’s tried hard to come out of that darkness and get her life back on track. She’s been pretty good about that, and she’s even in a stable relationship. It’s just that the guy is questionable; he’s already been caught in multiple lies and trashed Amber’s cast mates before he even met her. But Matt has addressed all of the rumors flying around about him in a Twitter post. He seems sincere, but he may not be that apologetic after all.

Matt Baier at the Teen Mom OG Reunion

Source: MTV

‘Teen Mom OG’ Amber Portwood says she’s deeply in love with Matt Baier, even though he’s been caught in a lot of lies. But he’s ready to come clean.

Matt seems like he's sorry... about some things