Meet The Bustier Russian Version Of Kim Kardashian

Apr 11, 2016 at 11:36 am |

Watch Out, Kim!

Since Kim Kardashian skyrocketed into mainstream, a lot of women have attempted to emulate her. Whether it’s being a social media maven, or just trying to get her body, a plethora of women have tried to replicate the busty Kardashian. Well, one woman is on the cusp for trying to usurp the throne from Kim. Meet Russian socialite, Anastasiya Kvitko. Kvitko doesn’t necessarily have any special talents, besides looking good in front of a camera and honestly, that’s more than enough to love her. See for yourself.

Russian bombshell

Source: Instagram @anastasiya_kvitko

Kim K has some STIFF competition.

Is This Russian Hottie Sexier Than Kim Kardashian?