Mel B Just Peed in Public and It’s Not What You Think

Sep 8, 2016 at 2:58 pm |

It was real weird...

You know the game where people go around in a circle and say what they would bring with them if they had to live on a deserted island? Well our answer would be Bear Grylls. He’s a born survivor and we have little doubt that we would be aye ok with that man by our side.

You can’t argue that Bear is quite the survival guru. He’s eaten animal feces, drank his own urine out of a dead snake, and faced hundreds of other challenges. Occasionally, however, even Mr. Grylls finds himself in a situation where only a spice girl can help him out of.

Bear Grylls on Running Wild

Credit: NBC

Things got scary (spice).

Tell us what she did, what she really really did!