Joel Embiid Drags XXX Star Mia Khalifa Into the Drama After She Slams Philadelphia 76ers & Meek Mill

Jan 10, 2017 at 5:05 pm |

That'll Teach Her

Mia Khalifa is known to the world as the most searched adult star on Pornhub. But on Sunday night, she was known to 76ers fans as a straight up hater. What does one of the most popular girls in porn have to do with basketball? Let me brief you: The 23-year-old Lebanese actress is known for not having the best opinions when it comes to athletes. When she’s not starring in front of her webcam, she’s dragging athletes on social media. This time, Joel Embiid, a couple of his teammates, and Meek Mill were her target. And this time, it backfired on her.

Meek Mill and Joel Embiid

Source: Instagram @joelembiid

She definitely wasn’t expecting that.

She definitely wasn't expecting this...