Mike Tyson Records Diss Track With Chris Brown About Soulja Boy

Jan 10, 2017 at 4:22 pm |

"If You Show Up"

So, last we left off in the Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy beef, we found out that the two were indeed going to box it out in the ring. Soulja Boy claims that he’s dedicating the TKO he plans on giving CB to none other than Rihanna. He’s also been hitting the gym, training with heavyweight champ, Floyd Mayweather. Chris Brown is just ready to get things poppin’ and learn moves and “every dirty trick” from his trainer, Mike Tyson. But it seems like Mike Tyson is inserting himself into this fiasco by being more than a trainer. After warning the rapper that Chris is going to beat him down, the champ released a diss track, sending shots to Soulja Boy.

Mike Tyson Soulja Boy diss track

Source: Instagram @miketyson

Lisp and all, it’s hilarious.

Lisp and all, it's hilarious.