10/10 Doctors Agree: Mindy Is the Hottest Med Student Ever

Dec 5, 2016 at 11:45 am |

The Thickest

Sexy and smart. What more could you ask for? Mindy is an Instagram sensation. Why, you ask? She’s got the thickest thighs and smallest waist we’ve ever seen on a woman. Is it real? No idea. If it is, she has to hold some sort of record. To top it off, she’s a medical school graduate. Whatttt?! I’m sure she has plenty of patients pretending to be sick just to get a glimpse of her out-of-this-world body. Check out Mindy’s sexiest Instagram pictures right here.

hot medical student mindy with thick thighs

Source: Instagram @mindysttnprty

This med school graduate is thickkk AF.

Hottest Doctor Ever?